Aug 15th Downtime over the weekend

Hello everyone.As you were aware the control panel was still functioning properly but the account management and billing was down over the weekend. We tracked the issue down to depency issue which we worked with vendors to resolve and are not expecting any further downtime. No websites were down or affected by this portal issue.  Thank you for ... Read More »

Aug 7th Show the professional touch, does your small business have its own website?

These days a significant amount of people, especially the younger generations check for more information about your business online.It's becoming more and more essential to have an online presence tied to your business to show it's legitimacy is more concrete, gain trust, and an opportunity to reach more users. There are definitely people who ... Read More »

Jun 5th Is your Teamviewer unattended access secure?

Teamviewer users, if you haven't heard already there was a security breach with Teamviewer. The company alleges that no ones computer or password has been compromised as a result of this, but people have made claims of unauthorized access. Teamviewer has attributed this to poor passwords on the users end. Just in case, make sure to at least ... Read More »

Mar 20th Our performance promise.

Uplinkhosting hosting packages start as low as 3.99 a month. Hosting packages are guaranteed to not be over sold on the server your hosting resides on.This was an important factor in determining our prices. Yes, some companies offer lower packages, but you risk a higher chance that their servers are being oversold, leaving you with ... Read More »

Mar 10th Server Migration Complete!

Thanks for everyones understanding. Our migration went without a hitch, and downtime was restricted to less than a minute. 

As always if you experience any difficulties, please open a support ticket and our support staff will assist you promptly.

Jan 1st Welcome to Uplink Hosting.

Welcome to our web page relaunch. We apologize for any difficulties some of you may have experienced with the website recently.

It was only recently brought to our attention that a caching issue wasn't updating the site. If you experience any issues, please open a support ticket.